Up to 18,000 avios with The Economist subscription via Iberia Cards

Iberia Cards, the company behind Iberia-branded credit cards Iberia and Icon, launched a new very generous promotion with The Economist subscription, which can bring you from 15,000 to 18,000 avios.

What’s on offer

You will get 15,000 avios for taking out either print or digital annual subscription for 229 EUR.
18,000 avios are offered for Print+Digital annual subscription and 279 EUR.

The offer gets better if you want to subscribe in the UK with 145 GBP and 15,000 avios for print or digital subscriptions and 174 GBP and 18,000 avios for both.


How to subscribe

The Economist + Iberia Cards avios offer is running until 31st of May 2018. You can subscribe here. There doesn’t seem to be any requirement to be an Iberia-branded credit card holder. What you must have is the IberiaPlus account number: bonus avios can only go to IberiaPlus account. From there one can transfer them to BA, if needed, or take advantage of low taxes on Iberia.

Terms & Conditions
In order to qualify for the Avios in this offer, you must maintain your subscription for at least one year. This subscription is non-refundable, except if you are a resident in the EU, in which case you may cancel your subscription in the first 14 days and get a refund for any part of your subscription that has not already been delivered (for the print element) or published (for any digital element) before you cancelled.

My opinion

This is not the cheapest way to get avios. After all, you will get more avios for your money if you buy them directly via many avios sales (like this currently running Groupon deal, for example). The value here is the fact that you are getting a high quality magazine plus avios on top. In the world filled with fake news and bad quality journalism, it’s important to have a good sources of information and analysis. Apart from all the topics it covers, The Economist website has a very interesting business travel blog called Gulliver, so there is something interesting for everyone, including frequent flyers. I am already a subscriber and might renew my The Economist subscription with this offer.

Interestingly, Iberia.com is currently running a different offer with The Economist, but with much lower avios bonus: 10,200 and 13,200 avios respectively. You can find it here.



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