Earn avios and get money-off on duty-free shopping: Cross benefits from Red by DUFRY and Iberia Plus

Probably the best and one of the very few duty-free loyalty programs – Red by DUFRY – just got better: now not only you save money when purchasing duty-free goods for simply being a member of Red by DUFRY, but you ALSO earn from 3 to 9 avios per each euro spent!


I recently reviewed Red by DUFRY loyalty program here, and I have to say, I love the fact that it gives me a 5% discount and potentially other benefits on duty-free shopping. But even more exciting news has arrived: you can now double dip with Red by DUFRY and Iberia Plus and get the best of both worlds – discount and avios on top! If you are shopping at duty-free, I strongly recommend you signing up!
Cross benefits, as they are officially called, are only available at World Duty Free and Canariensis shops at Spanish airport.
To start earning avios, you need to link your Red by DUFRY account with Iberia Plus account. You can do it here: https://red.dufry.com/avios/
What’s even more exciting is that you can interchangeably use Iberia Plus card or Red by DUFRY app with QR code to get your avios and discount. This is very good news, because lately Red by DUFRY app was quite slow on my phone. Just don’t forget to tell the cashier that you linked both accounts.

Earning rate
Avios earning rate depends on your Red by DUFRY elite level.
SILVER (you get this level automatically on enrollment) – 3 avios per 1 euro spent.
GOLD – 6 avios per 1 euro spent.
PLATINUM – 9 avios per 1 euro spent.

How to get a discount and avios
To get avios and Red discount at World Duty Free shops, you need to:
1. Join RED by Dufry by downloading the app and registering in there, or register by clicking here.
2. Fill the form with your Iberia Plus card number to link both programmes.
3. Show the QR code from RED app or your linked Iberia Plus card when making a purchase at World Duty Free.

As per Iberia website, avios will be credited in 60 days. Claim missing avios via atención.clientes@dufry.com or by calling +34 91 274 25 42.


My opinion
During my latest trip I bought a few things at Barcelona airport. My total bill was 38.39 euros (see photo below).
Silver level at Red by DUFRY gave me 5% discount or 1.92 euros.
On top of that I will earn 38.39 EUR x 3 = around 114 avios. I also like that both loyalty programs and my membership numbers are mentioned in the receipt. It means that the transaction was properly processed in the system.
I think it sounds not bad at all, considering that most duty-free shops don’t have any loyalty programs, let alone give you a chance to earn avios. I also hope that Red by DUFRY will come to the UK.


Have you used it recently? What was your experience? Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Earn avios and get money-off on duty-free shopping: Cross benefits from Red by DUFRY and Iberia Plus

  1. Didn’t work for me in Zurich. Went to duty free in the ‘E’ terminal. One guy working on his own, had no idea what this app was, and being Swiss refused to even scan the barcode and let the computer system work it out. After 15 minutes of trying to call his manager, asks me if he can take my phone off somewhere to check with a colleague! As my flight was about to leave and there were no other passengers left to board I had to ditch my purchase. Very LAME from RedbyDufry.


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