50% off trips to/from Barcelona airport with MyTaxi in August

MyTaxi Barcelona brought back its half price offer for trips to or from El Prat airport till the end of August.
The only requirements are that a trip should originate at Barcelona El Prat airport or have the airport as a destination, and also should be booked and paid via the MyTaxi app.

Worth mentioning that drivers will be paid fully. So that extra 50% will be compensated to them by the company. So no hard feelings! 🙂

What to expect from your trip

MyTaxi operates only official licensed taxis in Barcelona and price is not fixed and depends on the traffic and distance to the destination.

In general, a trip between central Barcelona and El Prat airport cost around €24 euros (depends on a traffic, but there are rarely traffic jams). I recently took a taxi to the airport and in the end paid €12.80 (almost exactly 50% of €24). It's not as cheap as €5.90 one way on the airport shuttle bus called Aerobus, but if you are a company of 2+ and have luggage, then taxi becomes much cheaper and more convenient option.

To book half price trips to/from Barcelona airport with MyTaxi, you need to download MyTaxi app, register, add a credit card and then book and pay for your trip via the app.

Normally MyTaxi allows you to apply promotional credit to the trip price, to reduce final cost, but I wasn't able to do that in case of this offer.

I wrote here some tips when taking taxi in Barcelona and here you can find out how to earn Mile&More miles for your trips with MyTaxi.


3 thoughts on “50% off trips to/from Barcelona airport with MyTaxi in August

    1. Hey Jack, you will be charged half of what is shown on the driver’s meter. The app will apply 50% discount automatically. But the driver will get 100% of money for the trip.


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