750 avios with every restaurant booking via El Tenedor

Iberia Plus has many tasty hidden avios offers. This is one of them. And it’s truly yummy! πŸ™‚

What is El Tenedor?
In Spanish ‘el tenedor’ means ‘a fork’. Also ElTenedor.es is a restaurant-booking website, which allows you to book restaurants in various countries. With each booking you earn so-called ‘Yums’. When you collect enough ‘Yums’, you can get a free meal at any participating restaurant (it reminds me famous British website TopTable, now gone,sadly). You can choose toΒ earn avios instead: El Tendor is a regular Iberia Plus partner and usually offers 250 avios per restaurant booking.
El Tendor is currently available in main cities not only EU countries (France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland), but also in Turkey, Brazil and even Australia! πŸ™‚ I only tried it in Barcelona so far, so please share your experience if you tried booking via this website in other countries.

What’s that special deal?
With every restaurant booking made until 30th of September, you will get 750 avios. There is no minimum spend requirement. So technically, you can have a cheap meal (especially taking into account that El Tendor has lots of 50% offers) for 15-20 euros and bag 750 avios on top!
Dine 5 timesΒ – and you have 3,750 avios for the meals you’d have anyway!

How to book
1. To get the avios you need to book via special link: iberiaplus.eltenedor.es The website is in Spanish.
2. Log in/Register

3. Choose a country and city


4. Choose a restaurant
5. Book a table for particular time, using the calendar on the right hand side. There you can also choose any available offers.
6. On the booking confirmation page you will be asked for your Iberia Plus number (only digits).

7. You will get email and SMS confirmation of your booking.
8. When you get to the restaurant identify yourself as someone who booked a table via El Tenedor and mention any deals you chose. If you don’t identify yourself, cancel your booking or don’t turn up, you won’t get your avios.
9. Enjoy your meal and keep the receipt πŸ™‚ If you won’t get avios you will be able to claim them with those receipts as a bullet-proof proof πŸ™‚
10. Provide a feedback to El Tenedor regarding your experience – you will be sent an email with a feedback request. Again, it’s an extra proof that you went. Also El Tenedor is a TripAdvisor company and your feedback will help build the objective image of a restaurant and help other people like you.
11. On the 20th day of next month check your Iberia Plus account for bonus avios! πŸ™‚

You need to book and complete your visit to a restaurant until 30th of September. Booking link: iberiaplus.eltenedor.es

My experience

I decided to give it a go and booked a couple of dinners via El Tenedor this week. I have to say, the experience was very pleasant: the waiters were always aware of the El Tenedor and their current offers (it was 50% off in one case and set menu in the other). Service was swift and courteous. When I mentioned El Tenedor they asked for my name and were checking something on their computers. I will report back next month when I get my avios πŸ˜‰

Have you used it already? How quickly your avios posted? Please share!


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