Up to 65% off avios via Groupon ES

Groupon ES is selling cheap avios again!

Fantastic deal from Spanish Groupon has returned: you can buy up to 100,000 avios with up to 65% discount! In reality, the discount is quite lower, but still a great deal.
Similar deals were running a few months back and made quite a lot of noise among frequent flyers. You can buy up to 100,000 avios for a grand total of 1,295 EUR. That’s a nice number of avios which can take you to many nice places in business class. For example, if you fly to New York from Madrid in business class in March 2017, you would need only 68,000 avios + 182,99 EUR taxes. And I am not even going to mention forthcoming flight sales!… 🙂
Let’s look into the details.

What’s the deal?
Groupon is running this deal together with Iberia Plus. Unlike usual ‘the more you buy, the bigger the discount’ this deal has a reverse offer: the less avios you buy the bigger the discount. Promised 65% discount is offered only when you buy 2,000 avios (19 EUR instead of regular 49 EUR). Then it goes like this:
2.000 Avios – 19€ (65% de descuento)
4.000 Avios – 49€ (46% de descuento)
8.000 Avios – 99€ (40% de descuento)
12.000 Avios – 149€ (37% de descuento)
20.000 Avios – 259€ (33% de descuento)

So the more you buy the lesser discount you get, but it still better than official price. You are limited to a maximum of 5 vouchers per person, except the one for 2,000 avios, which you can get only 1. So if you buy one of each, you will get 46,000 avios for 575 EUR. Compare it to regular price of 845 EUR for 45,000!

How to buy
You can buy avios on Spanish Groupon page: https://www.groupon.es/deals/ga-avios-group-espana-1
Since Spanish Groupon website is in Spanish, you need to use your knowledge of Spanish or Google Translate 🙂
I suggest buying avios using the following options in order to maximize the results:
1) Buy via Iberia’s online shopping portal IberiaPluStore, so you will get 5 avios per euro spent.
2) If you are a new user of Spanish Groupon, apply this code to get 10 EUR off (minimum spend – 25 EUR): QUITATE10
3) Use IberiaSendo credit card, Groupon credit card, Amex credit/charge card or any other miles/points earning card.
All these will allow you to bring the price of avios down.

How to activate your voucher
After you finish paying for the avios, your voucher/s might not be ready straight away. It will appear in ‘Mis Grupones’ section when you click on your name on the right hand side corner of the screen.
There you will see a list of your purchases and among them there will be avios vouchers. Remember, that you have to use your voucher until 14th of August. By ‘use’ I mean – activate it in order to transfer avios to your Iberia Plus account. Once you get it in your account, it’s normal expiry rules – i.e. no expiry if you earn at least one avios every couple of years. You can also transfer them to British Airways Executive club account.
Click on ‘Ver to Grupon’ and your voucher will be opened as PDF file in new browser window.
On the top left hand side of the page you will have two key pieces of info which you need in order to activate the voucher and transfer avios to your IberiaPlus account: ‘Codigo de seguridad’ and ‘Codigo de cupon’.
Now you need to open this page (it’s also listed in your coupon’s activation instructions): http://ticket.groupon.es/ticket_es/iberia/
Here you need to add those ‘Codigo de seguridad’ and ‘Codigo de cupon’ in the corresponding fields, as well as your email address. I always use the same email address which I use to register with Groupon ES.
Tick the box underneath and press big green button ‘Validar Cupon’. If all the info was correct, you will see your voucher’s info on the right and new button underneath. Click on it and you will be taken to the new page to enter your Iberia Plus account number. Enter numbers only (if you type in ‘IB’ in front of the number, you will get an error message) and press the button underneath the field. DONE! Simple, isn’t it? 🙂

After doing all of the above, I got a message from Groupon that it will take up to 30 working days for avios to reach my Iberia Plus account. That’s 6 weeks or 1.5 months. During previous similar sales I got my avios much faster. Let’s see how long it will take this time.

I can see on Groupon that this deal is very popular: so far there are 1,870 packs bought in total. The most popular pack is 2,000 avios, and least popular is 12,000 avios.


If you don’t have Iberia Plus account, you can open it right away here: https://www.iberia.com/web/userRegistration.do

And finally there is no set deadline for this offer, which only means that it can be pulled anytime.

Let me know about your experience with this offer!

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