BOOK NOW: flash sale 25 EUR o/w from Spain to France with RENFE-SNCF. Book until EOD 3rd of October

RENFE-SNCF brought back its amazing promo: travel from Spain to France from 50 euros return or from 25 euros one way!

The prices are as follows:
25 euros one way in 2nd class or 39 euros in 1st class from Barcelona, Girona and Figueres to Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Nimes, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.
35 euros one way in 2nd class or 49 euros in 1st class from Madrid and Zaragoza to Montpellier, Nimes, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.



Is it worth it?

The price during this sale is not as low as during previous sales but still, represent very good value. For example, regular price for Barcelona – Paris one-way ticket is 39 euros (see official RENFE-SNCF tariffs here), so 25 euros sale represent around 35% savings, which is a great deal. Also, don’t forget that those cheapest tickets are selling out fast, so you are normally looking for better savings, because only more expensive tickets are left.

RENFE-SNCF Barcelona-Paris train is boarding at Sants station in Barcelona.

When to book and when to travel
Book until the end of day 3rd of October.
Travel dates: from 7th of October till 10th of December 2017.
Remember that these tickets are booked into promotional tariff which doesn’t allow any changes or refunds.

View from the due seat on the 2nd deck of the train.


How to book
Promo details and booking page is here:

BYO food and drink to have a great picnic!

What is the experience like?
You will travel on the double-decker train, with bar car, trolley service of tea and coffee, comfortable seats with a charger (the pictures in this post are mine from the Barcelona-Paris trip).
The best description of the Barcelona to Paris train ride is given on the wonderful train website, and I can confirm that there are pink flamingos, castles and very picturesque fields. I saw them all from my seat on the train!

Train is really fast!

My opinion
Ah, the joy of slow travel!… The ancient luxury which we often can’t afford nowadays, simply because we want everything fast. We’d rather prefer to be teleported from point A to point B instantly, rather than enjoy the journey. One might argue that flying is cheaper, although this deal is surely cheaper than flying the same route with full-service airlines. But where trains are definitely unbeatable is the comfort: you travel from and to the city centre, you can turn up for your train 5 minutes before departure, you can bring your own food, wine, water (without 100ml limit!). Don’t forget that there is no ‘hand luggage only’ fares on trains and you can take up to three suitcases with you. The seats are comfortable, leg space is generous and you can always walk to the bar car or just stroll along the train. And of course, you can enjoy wonderful views outside, or read your book, watch a film, or just sleep.
I took part in the previous two sales and really enjoyed my trips from Barcelona to Paris and back. I think it’s a fantastic deal and would recommend everyone to book a ticket for yourself. I am always happy to go to Paris or other amazing destinations in France.

Will you book anything?


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