Big news: Vueling is joining

From the end of September Vueling’s Punto programme is becoming VuelingCLUB and its puntos currency is turning into avios.

The biggest story of this morning is that Vueling’s Punto programme is joining avios, while being renamed into Vueling CLUB at the end of September. Any existing punto balance will be multiplied by 9 and turned into avios which will land in your account.

You also will be able to collect and spend avios with Vueling – even on Basic fares (3 avios per 1 euro, going up to 4 euros per avios for Optima and Excellence fares).
This is just a quick note with the in-depth review to follow later. You can see the official page about the change and Q&A here.
My opinion:
There were rumours about plans to merge loyalty programs of IAG airlines under roof and now that plan becomes a reality. In my opinion, it makes perfect sense: it makes earning and burning process much easier, making the program more attractive. So no more fiddling with pesky puntos when flying on Vueling’s basic fares. Avios all the way! πŸ˜ƒ
And if you had any leftover puntos balance, it will soon turn into a nice chunk of avios! My 377 puntos will become solid 3,393! Not too shabby! πŸ˜ƒΒ And how many avios will you get after the conversion?

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