Tangible fruits of sharing economy

(Almost) free travel, hotels and food for everyone! Just bring a friend.

Sharing economy is booming. The likes of Uber and AirBnB are changing the way we commute and travel, creating great challenges for traditional market players and great joy for consumers. Indeed, for the average Joe Bloggs things are getting cheaper, more flexible, more competitive and diverse. Many apps/websites are encouraging personal referrals, by giving welcome credit not only to first time users, but also to those who refer them. So for example, if you give your personal referral code from a taxi company to a friend, they will get promotional credit for their first trip. After their trip, you will get credit as well! So it’s a win-win-win situation. And the great thing is that this free credit cycle can go on forever. Luckily, more and more companies are adopting this approach and therefore we, consumers, can have more and more stuff for free or at least with a good discount. And if we have lots of friends, discounts will keep on coming!

Let’s imagine a trip somewhere, maximizing the fruits of sharing economy.

Airlines are not there yet and don’t allow earning miles/credit for referrals. But you can use other options, such as…
Earn miles: one can earn miles and then use them to get (almost) free flights. Earn miles on flying, shopping, eating out, using credit cards. I concentrate my efforts on avios and there are lots of ways to earn avios on your daily activities:
– Shop online via IberiaPluStore shopping portal. You can earn up to 25 avios per 1 euro spend (I reviewed the portal’s offering here).
– Book restaurants via Iberia-plus.eltenedor.es and earn 250 avios on each booking.
– Open a credit card which earns avios and get up to 1 avios per 1 euro spend.
Fly low-cost: there are plenty of low-cost airlines everywhere now. This year is going to be a year of intercontinental low-cost travel, with Norwegian and IAG launching low-cost flights over the pond, to South America and Japan.
Use sales: nowadays airlines regularly hold sales, so there is no need to pay full price.

Every trip starts with commute. Be it public transport, own car or a taxi. This is probably the biggest category. Taxi apps make hailing easier, cheaper and safer than regular taxis. There are plenty of taxi apps around, almost all of them offering credit to first time users. I will list my favorite ones. Mind you, not all of them work in all countries, therefore it’s good to have a spread of apps, so you always have a taxi app which works. And no one stopping you from using various companies every day, so with all these codes you can have a few (happy) days covered with free trips!
– UBER (global): this legendary app is a must have for any traveller. Get 10 GBP credit with a promo code: adt01
– Gett (NYC, UK, Russia, Israel): I love this app for fixed prices – you pay what you were promised from the beginning – and for the ability to hail black cab via the app. Get 10 GBP credit with a promo code: GTTQXPN
– VIA (USA): this is an innovative ride-sharing app. Including rides to/from the airport. Get $10 credit with a promo code: dmitry3g5
– MyTaxi (USA, UK, Germany, Spain): get 5 EUR credit with a promo code: dmitrydro
– Hailo (USA, UK, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Japan, ): get 5 EUR credit with a promo code: DMITR1579

At the airport
OK, you got to the airport and now have a few hours until your flight. What to do? The nicer way to spend time is at one of the business or VIP lounges. Think of all you can eat food, drink, peace, quiet and sometimes even shower and day beds!
– LoungeBuddy: use this app to check which lounges are available and to buy access to desired lounge. Get $10 credit with this promo code: fiR5Qxq4mF

The ability to earn discounted or even free nights at hotels is quite exciting. Here are two apps which should cover all your needs in terms of lodging.
– HotelTonight: this is an awesome app which allows you to book a hotel in seconds, right from your mobile, giving you discount and special offers at various hotels. One can choose from ‘basic’, to ‘solid’, ‘charming’, ‘hip’, ‘luxe’ or ‘high roller’ hotel categories. So no more walking around at night from one hotel to another, trying to check if they have rooms (I confess, I did it a couple of times in the past!). The discount below might not cover the whole amount for your stay, but might take a big chunk off – sometimes even 50% off, depending of the city.
Get 20 EUR credit with HotelTonight (to use it off your first booking) by applying this code: DDROZDOV

– AirBnB: I think this app/website doesn’t need an introduction. You can find any kind of property over there – from modest room to a posh house.
Get 20 EUR credit with AirBnB (to use it off your first booking) by applying this code: DMITRYD877

After you settle in at your new place, it’s time to eat! And here comes multiple food delivery apps which gives free credit to first-time users. Although, credit is not big, it can cover around 50% of your meal which is not bad at all! And of course, it will be conveniently delivered to your room. So you can save 50% of your food bill while travelling. I am not suggesting staying in every night, but it’s good to have it as an option. We’ve gathered some of the most popular apps and their promo codes:
– JustEat: 5 EUR off your first order with code: dmitryd2
– Deliveroo: 5 EUR off your first order with code: dmitryd9279
– UberEATS: 5 GBP off your first two orders with this code: VCUKEATS

As you can see, sharing economy can really reduce the cost not only while travelling, but also when at home.

Can you suggest more useful travel apps/websites which have referral program? Do share in comments!

Image: http://www.chaumont-gistoux.be/


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