Iberia Plus is launching own e-shopping portal

Newly opened eStore has over 150 high-street brands and good deals, including 22 avios per 1 euro spend.

A few days ago Iberia Plus opened its own eStore, following example of Avios UK and BA’s gate365. To be honest this was long overdue and I’m happy it happened.
Iberia is branding it as ‘150 new ways to get avios!’ And there are truly a lot of brands and many ways you can do your usual shopping and pick up extra avios.
Among the brands you can shop via the new eStore are: Adidas, FNAC, AppleStore, Movistar and even Groupon!
I am not sold on the name of new estore: IberiaPluStore. I think they overdid it here, but hey as long as it works, I don’t mind the name 🙂
With the first 20 Euros of spend you’ll get 100 extra avios AND if you make a purchase before 31st of December you will enter a draw for a trip to New York for two! More about it below. Now let’s look at the deals in-store.

Although Iberia is promising up to 19 Avios for every €1 you spend in store, in fact you can get up to amazing 22 avios per 1 euro spent (with Moleskine) until the end of this year! That’s much more than maximum 12 avios per pound, which you can get from Avios.com e-shopping portal.
There are lots of other retailers which are giving you 16 avios (La Perla and Groupon) or 15 avios (Yves Roches). On average you can get 7-10 avios per euro spent.
I am impressed with the range of shops and services and it seems like the list of retailers is growing.
What’s more, there are special deals which gives extra avios for limited time only (mostly till the end of this year). But what’s more, there are discount vouchers (coupons)!
Apart from earning per euro spend model, there is a fixed avios awards for taking out various products (mostly – contracts from telecom companies – Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, etc). For example, a purchase from Vodafone will get you 2,300 avios.

Top deals running until 31st of December:

Moleskine – 22 avios per 1 euro spent
Yves Roches – 15 avios per 1 euro
Groupon – 16 avios per 1 euro
La Perla – 16 avios per 1 euro
Banana Republic ES – 10 avios per 1 euro
RayBan – 9 Avios per 1 euro
ASOS – 7 Avios per 1 euro
Telepizza.ES – 6 avios per 1 euro
Desigual – 6 avios per 1 euro
AppleStore – 3 avios per euro
Ticketmaster ES – 12 avios per 1 euro
Zalando ES – 9 avios per 1 euro
Rakuten.ES – 5 avios per 1 euro

Fixed avios deals:
Vodafone – 2,300 avios
Movistar – 2,286 avios
YoiGo – 1,200 avios
AmazonBuyVIP – 165 avios

Discount coupons:
Interflora: 10% off
Nike: 40% off on selected football boots
Vistaprint – various discounts from 25 to 50%, depending on a product.
Body Shop, etc.

Prize draw: holidays in New York

In addition to avios, if you make a purchase before 31st of December, you can win a trip to New York for two, including flights and hotel.
Minimum purchase to qualify is 1 Euro. Then you will enter a draw for a trip to New York for two, including flights and hotel.
What’s interesting is that the winner will be given avios – 165,000 of them – and will be free to spend them on whatever!
The official rules of the competition says: ‘Avios could be redeemed on any of the Iberia Plus programme redemption options available on the tables of Iberia.com.’
As an example of use, organisers are suggesting staying at a 4* hotel for two people, plus return flights to Big Apple: ‘two return Iberia group flights operated by Iberia, to any destination on Band 5, for example New York, in Blue class, on any season, excluding taxes, fees and charges, according to the flight redemption table of the Iberia Plus programme available on Iberia.com.’
It means that taxes and charges will come on top, but it won’t be much. For a random booking in the end of February 2016, the price of return flight Madrid to New York for 2 people in Blue class is 68,000 avios + 333.56 Euros. But of course, you can maximize these avios by taking advantage of (hopefully) generous post-winter holiday sales.

So if it sounds interesting, IberiaPluStore can be reached here: https://ibplustore.iberia.com/ You need to be logged into your Iberia Plus account, to start shopping. It works in similar fashion to Avios UK: when you click on retailer’s link, you will be redirected to their website and your visit recorded withing IberiaPluStore.

I made a purchase with ASOS yesterday and already got an email thanking me for shopping with IberiaPluStore and informing me how much avios I will get. It mentioned that approval process takes about 40 days, so I’ll report back when I get the avios into my account.

If you are shopping outside of Spain, you probably will have to pay extra for delivery, but it all depends on the shop.

P.S. You can maximise your avios reward even further if you use Amex or avios-earning charge/credit card!


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