AmEx Spain: 20% bonus on MR points transfers to Iberia and BA

Offer is valid until the 9th of October.

AmEx Spain is running its regular 20% bonus on MR points transfers to Iberia Plus and BAEC. Although I’m happy to have 20% more points, I am kind of annoyed that again there was no marketing communication about it: I learned about this deal by chance, when I called AmEx’s Customer Service line about another matter. CS agent was very kind to share the news about this promo. So I am sharing it with you now πŸ™‚

How to transfer
In order to get the bonus, all you need to do is:
– log in to your AmEx Spain account
– follow the links to the Membership Rewards Club area
– choose Iberia/British Airways
– select number of points you want to transfer
– make a transfer.


Call AmEx Spain CS and ask them to make a transfer for you. The number is: 900 814 500 (this is a toll-free number in Spain, so you won’t be charged for this call).

In my experience points are transferred quickly (1-2 working days).

The bonus points will arrive separately and later than the original transfer: during the month next to the month of points transfer.

If you are not an AmEx Spain cardholder yet, it’s a great opportunity to sign up: you can get 20,000 MR points with AmEx Gold or 40,000 MR points with AmEx Platinum, after hitting minimum spend requirement, of course). If you are considering applying for a card, let me know in the comments and I will send you a personalized link. It won’t give you more points, but it will give you good karma for supporting the blog: if your application is successful, I will get a modest referral bonus.

Edit: added an info re when bonus points will arrive.


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