RENFE Cyber Week sale: up to 70% off train journeys across Spain and France. Book till 3/12

RENFE is on fire this week: monthly sale to commemorate the 25 anniversary of AVE started only last Friday and next day, on Saturday, RENFE launched another sale – Cyber Week! This time the discount is not as generous as with AVE 25, but still provides amazing value, includes more trains across Spain and even to France! Let’s have a closer look.

RENFE marketing department prepared properly for Cyber week, by creating a decent landing page: and even promo videos and fancy posters (look below)!


What’s on offer

1.500.000 tickets with up to 70% discounts! Sounds great, right? Especially for long-distance trains like these ones:

Madrid – Barcelona – from 32,70€;

Barcelona – Sevilla – from 35,45€;

Barcelona – Paris – from 35€;

Madrid – Marseille – from 55€;

There are many more destinations:


Sale prices depend on the route and start from 5,5€ (Zaragoza – Pamplona).


When to book

Sale window is from 25th of November till 3rd of December 2017. But it’s advisable not to wait and to book as soon as you can. 🙂

When to travel

Travel dates are from now until February 2018. There is no fixed end date of sale, but rather a vague phrase ‘all promo tickets are sold out’, so I suggest you to act fast and book ASAP.

Where to book

Of course on! You can read more info about this promotion on the dedicated website:

Small print

I didn’t see much of small print except this phrase: Esta promoción hace referencia a billetes individuales comprados entre el 25 de noviembre y el 3 de diciembre de 2017 y para viajar durante los meses de diciembre, enero y febrero, y hasta agotar existencias.

It just mentions the sale dates (25th of November – 3rd of December 2017) and the fact that promo tickets are for December, January and February, while promo fares last.

Such promo fares are very restricted: you can’t change the date/time or get a refund in case you change your mind. Therefore choose wisely! 🙂

My opinion

It’s not as good as 25 euros one-way sale we saw a few days ago, but it’s a wonderful sale with great bargains to be had! It also seems that the availability is much better. I especially like the fact that this time trains to France were also included in the sale. Availability from Barcelona to Paris looks really good with lots of 35€ tickets even on Friday/Sunday trains. I took this train a few times and I am seriously considering taking it again – it’s a bargain for such price: 70€ return to Paris! I’d also look at Barcelona – Sevilla route, which I took in September but already miss Andaluzia. In the end, it all depends if it fits your plans. Have a look and let me know if you managed to book anything nice! 🙂


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