Earn up to 25 avios per 1 Euro spend with IberiaPluStore

Top deals for 2015 at Iberia’s recently launched e-shopping portal IberiaPluStore

IberiaPluStore is new Iberia’s e-shopping portal, which was open at the end of November last year. I decided to have a look what’s new/changed at the store since the opening (my review on the opening see here).

Top avios deals on IberiaPluStore

Most avios per euro deals:
ZoneAlarm – 25 avios per 1 EUR. This is a computer antivirus software. For 59 Euros you can get a 2-year subscription and 1,400 avios (or more if you use avios-earning payment card like Amex or other).
Moleskine – 18 avios per 1 EUR.
La Perla – 16 avios per 1 EUR.
Kaspersky Lab ES – 15 Avios per 1 EUR.

Top avios offers on clothing:
Oakley – 10 avios
Banana Republic – 10 avios
GAP – 9 avios
Camper – 9 avios
Adidas – 9 avios
RayBan – 9 avios
Clarks – 8 avios

Avios for purhases at department stores
Technically, there is only two department store present on IberiaPluStore and it’s fnac. But since Groupon offers all sorts of things, I put it here too 🙂
fnac – 6 avios per 1 EUR.
Groupon – 5 avios per 1 EUR.

Multibrand stores – clothes
Asos – 7 avios
Mr Porter – 6 avios per 1 EUR.
Net-a-Porter – 8 avios per 1 EUR.

I picked only a few brands which gives most avios and which I personally recognise. There are dozens of more brands in each category and more categories, so please log in an explore for yourself.

Ralf Lauren – 50% discount. Expires 18/01/2016.

There are much more offers – I only mentioned this one because I find it most interesting and generous.

Link to the IberiaPluStore website is here: https://ibplustore.iberia.com
In order to get access, you need to be registered and logged into your IB Plus account.

I have to say I haven’t got any avios from the store yet (my first purchase was on the 1st of December). Although there is no reason to worry. That’s what it says on the IberiaPluStore website:
‘Most transaction will be approved within 40 days, but please allow up to a maximum of 120 days for your transactions to become approved.’

So I guess I have to wait a few more weeks. I am also waiting for promotional 100 avios promised for purchases made before 31st of December. Also we are due to hear about lucky winner of a return trip to Big Apple! Exciting news ahead, I guess! 🙂

Overall I am quite impressed with website design and how everything is tracked: you can see what kind of purchases you’ve made, how much you spent and even how much avios are pending and whether the transaction approved or rejected.

Useful interface at IberiaPluStore which offers easy tracking of your purchase history and pending avios.

Things are changing
There are a few brands which decided to discontinue their partnership with IberiaPluStore, such as JustEat, AmazonBuyVIP and others. On the other hand, there are lots of new exciting brands, new categories. In my opinion, IberiaPluStore have all the potential to become a proper full-scale e-shopping portal like Avios.com’s eStore in the UK. So my advice would be to keep checking IberiaPluStore website regularly to look for a good deals and offers. At the end of the day, it’s always good to get an extra batch of avios on the shopping you would do anyway.

If you see any good deals on IberiaPluStore, please share in the comments.


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