Free taxi rides in London

UPD: new £30 promo code added for Gett. See below.

How to get a few free taxi rides in London using taxi promo codes

Happy holidays! 🙂 I hope yours went well! I  celebrated my winter holidays in London and my trip report will follow shortly. I was moving around London quite a lot and what helped me is the fact that I had lots of free taxi credits. London is an expensive city and taxis are definitely a luxury there. Therefore I wanted to share some cool taxi offers for you to use in London and some other UK cities, so you can get quite a few free taxi rides.
There are lots of taxi hailing apps in London and all of them wants to win new customers, by allowing them to have their first ride for free, if they use a special promo code. Let’s look at what’s available.

This app only uses black cabs, which are regulated by the TfL. You can make a booking up to two weeks in advance.
This is a very generous app especially because they allow to use only part of your promotional credit in one go, so you can use the other half later.
Available in: London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool.
Free credit: £10.
Condition: only for new customers.

Update: There is a new promo code which gives a new customers £30 of free rides! The code was found on the official Gett blog in the post regarding iced coffee delivery. The code is only available for new customers and was successfully used a few days ago by one of my friends.
The promo code for £30 credit is: GETT30

This is the most hyped taxi app which uses minicabs and black cabs. In fact, you can choose what type of car you want – from the minicab to executive level. It even offers car pooling, when you share your ride with someone else, but it reduces the price. The price is given as an estimate, so it can be more or less.
Free credit: £10
Code: adt01
Condition: only for new customers.

This app is searching for minicabs in your area and therefore can be a very good price-wise.
Free credit: £10.
Code: XWKPE4
Condition: only for new customers.

Addison Lee
Probably the first mainstream taxi service alternative to black cabs, from the pre-smartphone era. One of their features I love is an ability to ‘snooze’ a car’s arrival for 15 or 30 minutes. Very convenient when taxi is coming and you are still getting ready! 🙂 I have to admit I snoozed it twice…
Free credit: £10.
Code: HELLO10
Condition: only for new customers.

This app only uses black cabs and has an amazing feature called Hailo Pay. It allows you to hail a cab on a street and then pay via an app, but entering cab’s number in the dedicated website:
Code: sadly, Hailo suspended ‘Refer a friend’ scheme a few months ago, so I don’t have a code to share. But I am sure there are codes for free rides. Please share in the comments if you find one!
Condition: only for new customers.

To make use of these offers, download the app on your smartphone, register and add promo code into the relevant field. For some apps, in order to use promo code, you need to add payment method first (debit/credit/charge card or PayPal).

Don’t forget that when you register, you can refer your friends and earn credits after they take their first rides.

If these codes are not working or you find better codes, please do share them!

Have a good ride! 🙂

Image credit: Flickr/sermoa


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