Double Amex MR points on all purchases from today till mid January 2016

Amex Spain has launched a promotion today which gives 2 MR points for each 1 euro spent.
Promotion is running from today, 15th of December till 15th of January next year.
In order to benefit from this promotion, you need to register for it. I am not sure if it’s a targeted promotion or not – I got an email about it and then registered on the website (just simple click through).
This is a great offer, in my opinion, because normally Amex gives 1 MR point per 1 euro spent, so it’s a 100% bonus! Especially considering all the holiday shopping which is due very soon. On average Amex Spain doesn’t have as many deals as Amex US or Amex UK. So it’s great to see Amex Spain catching up. The only other thing is Amex acceptance in Spain – it is very random. It can be accepted in a small bar, at a ticket machine at a metro station, but then not accepted at a phone shop (Orange, for example) or pizzeria. I hope this might change for better with a launch of Apple Pay in Spain which is promised for early 2016.

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