💸 300€ credit for American Express Platinum holders in Spain // 🎶 Free Blinkist subscription with Amex

Amex ES is rolling out another global benefit in Spain – 300€ credit to each main Amex ES Platinum cardholder. In this uncertain environment of rolling lockdown and closed borders, this is a very welcome bonus and a happy shopping time for cardholders! Brace yourselves, El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Media Markt, and Deliveroo!

💸 300€ credit for American Express Platinum holders in Spain

This great news was something expected: at the beginning of January US travel bloggers started reporting of a new Amex benefit – $30 monthly PayPal credit. I was waiting to see what will come to Europe. Then yesterday HeadForPoints reported that £175 credit rolled out in the UK for Amex Platinum cardholders. I thought we would have to wait for a few days or weeks here, but then… this morning there was an announcement that Spanish Amex Platinum cardholders will get 300€ to spend at selected establishments

How to get it
This is very important: in order to benefit from this promotion, you need to register your card. If you got an email about this offer, then there is a registration link in that email. if not, then try to call Amex: usually, they can register you via the phone. Remember that only main Amex Platinum Spain cardholders can enroll. That means additional cardholders are not eligible. Sigh…

Where to spend
The 300 credit can be spent online or in-store at El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Media Markt, Deliveroo, and also at Repsol petrol stations (Repsol, Campsa, and Petronor, only on petrol purchases). Here is a document with a full list of participating stores.

When to spend
This promotion is running from the 20th of January till the 28th of July 2021. During this time you can spend any amount up to 300€ per Platinum card at any of the establishments above and it will be refunded to you via statement credit in 3-5 days.

My opinion
This is a fantastic way to keep Platinum cardholders happy when they can’t travel and most of the card’s benefits are unusable (such as PriorityPass, travel insurance, etc). We saw a similar promotion last year and it went really smoothly. Amex is really an example of how to keep their customers happy.

🎶 Free year of Blinkist premium subscription from Amex

As reported by Chollometro, Amex is offering 1 year of premium subscription to Blinkist: it’s a service which is offering audio/text summaries of various non-fiction books. It is very convenient to use on the go, in the park, etc. It is a a similar service to Audible, but with a twist – only 15 minute audio summaries and only non-fiction books.
Although the offer is targeting US cardholders, seems like it works for Spanish cardmembers too.
Offer page is here.
All you need to do is click ‘Redeem offer’ and log into your AMEX account.
After a free trial year, your account will be charged 99.99 USD per year. You can cancel this trial at any time. The offer is running till the 28th of February 2021.

Overall I find Chollometro a good source of funky offers and promos. Check it out sometimes!


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